The 2011 Salt Lake City Reunion - Epilogue

 What a great time we had !

About 100 alumni and guests.

All kinds of sightseeing and activities including our own semi-private concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Large hospitality room with oodles of posters, pictures and memoribilia.

Delicious Banquet and program.

Friendships made and renewed.

Pictures viewable at (see note below)

What's next?  There was some discussion about Savannah, Georgia in 2013.  Give us a call or an email with any ideas, suggestions, questions or comments.



Notes from Kent Price about the pictures:


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I'm actually not very happy with the user friendliness of Flickr, but it seems to be the best thing for people to be able to view and download these pictures without having to sign on to some service.  If I decide to stick with Flickr, I plan to post pictures of past reunions as well as pictures from "back then."
Again, if you only want to view the pictures, don't worry about downloading or commenting.  I'm just interested in your experience at whatever level is comfortable for you.  Please email or call (801-768-2608) with any comments, questions, or suggestions.



Below are the original information and planning postings for the 2011 reunion.  We're including them here for possible future reference: 


Our 2011 Fifties-and-Early-Sixties Reunion

Then:  Kaiserslautern, Germany, 1954

Now:   Salt Lake City, Utah, May, 2011

Reunion Basics

(who, what, when, where, why, how) 

Page updated: May 15, 2011

Scroll down to see details and updates

Who:  The main group will be anyone who attended KAHS in the fifties and/or early sixties - plus guests. 
What: A great reunion with lots of activities
When:   May 18, 19, 20, 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah.  Salt Lake Plaza Hotel

(Click here for the hotel website: )

Why:  It will be a GREAT event, including 

-  Reminiscing and rekindling of old friendships and forging some new ones

-  Hospitality Room with snacks, drinks and memorabilia

-  Friday Night Banquet

LOTS to do and see in the Salt Lake City area! (see the new page at

  • Call, write, or email Kent indicating your interest and probability of attending.  Click HERE to respond. Update March 22, 2011: Now it's time to register.  See Costs and Registration section, below.

  • Reserve your hotel room (refundable up to 72 hours prior to check-in) at 800-366-3684.  Mention Kaiserslautern Reunion for group price of $82.00 per night (for single or double) or $89 (for triple or quad).  Update - March 22, 2011: See Hotel Section, below.

  • Start planning your travel.  Check for deals.  Southwest, Delta and several other airlines serve Salt Lake City.  Travelocity recently featured a Miami - Salt Lake City round trip flight on Delta for $184!  

  • Call, write, or email your friends and classmates and invite them to join us.  Look over the Alumni Contact Info list to see who you might be missing.

  • Start collecting pictures, albums, yearbooks and other memorabilia to bring with you.

Overview of useful links: 

Reunion Schedule updated May 15


Things to do in Salt Lake City 


or Attendees.pdf

Who's coming

Updated May 15

Our complete Contact List

Find a friend !

Updated May 15

Operation Footlocker

We've got one scheduled.


Details and Updates

What to do and see

February 3, 2011-Activities:  We have posted a list of suggestions of things to do and see while in the Salt Lake City area.  Click here to see:

February 3, 2011: GOLF on Wednesday.  So far, about half a dozen of you have indicated an interest in golfing on Wednesday.  Glen & Joyce Hebert's son-in-law is the golf coach at the University of Utah and knows the best places to play.  Glen has offered to coordinate this activity.  Feel free to contact him with any questions or comments at 254-742-6565 or

Update - February 26, 2011 - Tourist packets:  Packets with visitor information on Utah and on Salt Lake City have now been sent by the Tourist Office to everyone who indicated a possibility of attending the reunion or who specifically requested them.  If you don't have yours within the next few days or would like to request a packet, let us know.

(Background: January 17, 2011:  The Utah Office of Tourism has graciously offered to send information packets for things to do and see in Salt Lake City as well as the State of Utah.  You'll be amazed at what's available.

Send me an email at with your name and address if you would like to get one of these packets.  Put "Packet" in the subject line.  I'll forward the list.  No cost for the material or for postage.  You may also contact the office directly if desired. email:, or web:

The Hotel - Salt Lake Plaza Hotel

January 26, 2011 - Another reminder to reserve your hotel room earlier rather than later.  The hotel has agreed to extend the reservation deadline out to March 18 to guarantee the rates.  It looks like we may fill up the block.  We suggest that you reserve your rooms right away.  1-800-366-3684.  No risk.  You can cancel up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival.

Note that the hotel provides free shuttle service to and from the airport.  If you are driving to the reunion or renting a car, parking is only $5.00 per day and includes in-and-out privileges.

Update - March 21, 2011 (superceded - see new update below)

The good news:  We've had a great response to the reunion.
The bad news:    We've filled up the block at the hotel.
The good news:  The hotel is working to expand the block.... and we've arranged for an overflow hotel.
The Details: 
We found another very nice hotel - The Shilo Inn - located just two blocks (a five minute walk) from the Plaza Hotel.  The hotel has very nice rooms and amenities and they have agreed to match the $82.00 per night room rate. 
If you call the Plaza Hotel (801-521-0130) and they tell you that they are booked, ask to speak with Mr. Richard Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing (you can also call him directly at 801-606-2410).  Mr. Williams will try to accommodate you.  If he cannot, he will ask if you wish to be placed on his waiting list and he will refer you to the Shilo Inn. 
For information on the Shilo Inn with pictures, amenities, etc., click on and then click on Explore Hotel.  If you want to make a reservation, do not do so on line, but call the hotel directly at 801-521-9500.  Be sure to mention the Kaiserslautern reunion to get the discounted rate.  Also confirm their cancellation policy which should be 4:00pm the day prior to arrival.  If there are questions about the group rate, ask to speak with Shirly Jaglowski, who can also be reached directly at 801-303-0270.
If you are on the waiting list at the Plaza and a room becomes available, Mr. Williams will call you and you can then decide whether to stay at the Shilo Inn or to cancel the Shilo reservation and stay at the Plaza.

Update - May 15, 2011

Looks like we got everyone into the Plaza Hotel.  If you need a last-minute registration and the hotel doesn't have rooms available, please call Kent (cell: 801-554-0015).


Hospitality Room

Update - May 15, 2011 - We will have a very nice, large hospitality room with plenty of tables and chairs, snacks and drinks.  So please bring your yearbooks, photo albums, scrapbooks and other memorabilia.  There will be a copier, a scanner, a computer, and a video projector there so we can share pictures and other materials with each other. 

And, as an additional feature for the hospitality room, we have scheduled the display of one of the traveling Brat Museum collections known as "Operation Footlocker."  If you are not familiar with it, you can google it or click here: 


Costs and Registration

February 26, 2011 - We've been able to drop the reunion cost down from our previous estimate.  So the cost will be:

$15.00 per person to cover the hospitality room including snacks and drinks as well as publicity and other logistical costs.

$15.00 per person for the city tour on Thursday morning (see schedule)

$25.00 per person for the banquet on Friday night.  This will include beverage, dessert, gratuity and taxes.  Wine, if desired, will be extra.

Update - March 22, 2011 - (see additional update below)

Well, it's about time to see who's serious.  We think we've kept the costs down to a bare minimum so it shouldn't be too much of a burden - $15.00 for the registration (includes hospitality room, snacks and drinks), $15.00 if you choose to go on the optional city tour, and $25.00 for the banquet.  Thanks to Warren Hopkins for acting as our treasurer and chief registrar.
Click Here for a registration form  which we'd like everyone to fill out and send to Warren.  The first part - name(s) - will be used to make up name tags.  The next section - contact info - will be used to update our contact lists.  The rest is for planning activities and calculating costs.  It should be self explanatory.


If you cannot open the form and/or if you don't have a printer, just put the following information on any piece of paper and send to Warren with your check.
Please include for yourself and any guests:
     - Name - First, Last, Former Last name (if different), Nickname in quotes (if applicable)
     - High School Graduation Year plus which years you attended KAHS.
     - Contact info - address, phones (home, cell, other), email address
     - Whether you and/or your guest(s) wish to go on the city tour ($15.00/person)
     - If you do the banquet ($25.00/person), do you want the chicken or fish dinner.
     - Whether you think you will want wine - specify red or white - at dinner.  Cost to be determined.
Then include $15.00/person for the registration.  Make check out to Warren and send to:
Warren Hopkins, 7552 Bonita Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA  94928


Update - May 15, 2011

Warren is on his way to Salt Lake City (via Banff) so don't send anything to his home.  If you need to register or change any previously submitted information, call or email Kent ( or cell 801-554-0015).

Contacts and Attendees

February 26, 2011  In order to foster contact among alumni we have now posted on the website our entire contact list as well as the probable list for those attending the reunion.  The contact list is password protected and we are emailing the password to all alumni on the list who have emails.

March 22, 2011 and May 15, 2011 - Contact list has been updated with the latest information and is now also available in .pdf format (for those who don't have Microsoft Excel).  

     Click here for contacts:

     and here for attendees: (in Microsoft Excel format)

                                      or: (in Adobe Acrobat format)

If you would like to opt out of this list or if you have any questions or comments, please send an email to or call Kent at 801-768-2608. 


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