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Here are some links you may be interested in.  I will be adding more to this list as I become aware of them.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know by emailing me at  - thanks, Kent Price

Mary Louise (Kearns) Severns, who is spearheading this reunion, has created a page called  In addition to providing a platform for connecting with other alumni, it contains a lot of information about Charleston, the Crown Plaza Hotel, and the 2017 reunion.

There is a K-town Facebook page called "Kaiserslautern American High School Alumni" at https.// which claims over 3,800 members.  A good place to look for friends and classmates.  We're also listing this reunion on that site.

The site is a commercial site on which several of our schoolmates have signed up.  There are two levels of membership: free and fee.  With the free membership, you can put your name on the list, but you cannot get much detail on anyone else, nor can you email them.  The fee (or Gold) membership costs $3.00 per month (or $36.00 per year).  I have the Gold membership and am in touch with many on the list so, if you are not a gold member and want to send an email to someone you see there, you can send it to me and I will forward it.

The Berlin Brats website has scanned images of the multischool yearbooks dating back to 1949.  Kaiserslautern was included in those books from its founding through 1960.  Go to:  

Sandra Lockney Davis, a K-town alumna, has written a memoir of her experiences working for U.S. Army Special Services in Korea and VietNam.  Click on for more information or to order.

For Dropbox pictures of reunions and "Back Then" memories, click HERE.

Bob Richmond (KAHS '55) had a great page with info on a lot of activities and people from the 50's - also a lot of related links.  Unfortunately much of it was lost when his host server went belly up.  He's rebuilding as much of the information as possible and will let us know when it's available again. 

The Kaiserslautern American High School Alumni Association site is no longer active 


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