In order to foster memories and contacts among former classmates and friends, we are making our contact list available to those on the list.  The link below will take you to the desired spreadsheet with our most current information.

To prevent unauthorized access to this information, the sheet is password protected.  Please use the password provided to you via email.  Call or email if you need help.



Please read the following before going to the list:

Unless you have established a personal relationship with someone who has requested the following kinds of emails, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT use the information in this list for passing along: 

  -  jokes (no matter how funny), 

  -  ways to get rich (no matter how lucrative), 

  -  religious items (no matter how inspirational), 

  -  virus warnings (no matter how dire), 

  -  appeals for help (no matter how worthy),

  -  political messages (no matter how patriotic),

  -  warning messages to avoid getting mugged, poisoned, cheated or otherwise victimized

  -  or any other such items.

Also:  When sending mail to multiple recipients, it is becoming preferred practice to send the email to yourself with "blind copies" to your recipients.  This helps reduce the impact of the current epidemic of proliferating email lists.   

Here is the link:  


Some details about the list:

Some time ago, we sent letters to all alumni for whom we had a mailing address but did not have an email address.  The column immediately preceding the street address with the header MA (Mailing Address) may contain the following letters:

          S - means that we sent a letter but have had no response yet.

          X - means that the letter was returned as undeliverable or we otherwise learned that the address is invalid.

          G - means that we heard back or know otherwise that the address is Good.

         M - means that the address is good and updates are requested via regular mail.

The list is sorted by class year, then by current last name, then by first name.    You can resort or modify the list any way you like but you will not be able to save the modification back to the website.  If you would like to make a correction, deletion or addition, please send us an email.  If you are looking for a particular name and don't know the class year, you can use the search function by pressing CTRL-F (F stands for "Find").

Note: If the last name used at KAHS is different than the current last name, the former name is usually given in parentheses after the first name, so the earlier name will not be in alphabetical order. 

We encourage you to look through the list and feel free to contact friends and classmates.  If appropriate, encourage them to join us at the reunion.


Please let us know (via email: or phone: 801-768-2608) if:

- You know of any others we should add to the list,

- You have any corrections or additions to the information for yourselves or others

         (please look over the names at the bottom of the list with no class year), or 

- You see any of your information on the list which you would rather have removed.


Another item of possible interest is that the Berlin Brats website has scanned images of the multischool yearbooks dating back to 1949.  Kaiserslautern was included in those books from its founding through 1960.  Go to:


Finally, see my comments on the "links" page below concerning the website.

Best wishes to all . . . . . Kent Price, 801-768-2608,

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