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University of Maryland - Munich Branch 1958-1960

This page is intended as a resource for alumni of the Munich Branch of the University of Maryland to foster memories and contacts among former classmates.  As I become aware of reunions, related web sites, email addresses or other information of interest, I will post it here.  If you would like any personal information posted or removed, please let me know by emailing me at khprice@aol.com. I welcome any comments or suggestions and would love to make contact with any former friends or classmates.




I'm not currently aware of any forthcoming reunion plans.  For details on the last one I know about, Click here:  http://munichcampus5060.eventbrite.com

In past reunions, alumni from our era of the late '50s have not been very well represented.  But we're getting to the age where such reunions ought to be on our bucket list.  If you know of any plans, or would like to create a reunion, please let me know and I will post the information here.

At any rate, feel free to use the directory below to contact each other.  Let me know if you have any additions, corrections, or deletions to the directory.  Email me at khprice@aol.com

What else is going on?


Most of you probably know that the Munich Campus was transferred to Augsburg and then to Mannheim.  The 50th anniversary of the opening of the Munich Campus was celebrated in May, 2003.  The program was finally closed on May 31, 2005.  See the "official" website below.  The end of an era .....  but what great memories remain. See note on the Achiever article, below.





Links and Web Sites


Carlton "Woody" Woodell (62-63) started a great "unofficial" site.  It has recently been renamed to::


The "official" web site of the Munich/Augsburg/Mannheim Campus is:


You may also be interested in:





www.classmates.com (see note below)


Sandra Lockney Davis, a K-town and Munich Campus alumna, has written a memoir of her experiences working for U.S. Army Special Services in Korea and VietNam.  Click on www.sandralockneydavis.com for more info or to order.


Circe Olson Woessner, also a Munich Campus alumna, has compiled two books - "Bavarian Creme" and "Noch Eins" with memories from many former students.  For info or to obtain a copy, go to http://www.amazon.com/Bavarian-Creme-Memories-Munich-Campus/dp/0595254187 .


At Circe's request, I wrote up some thoughts on the Munich Campus for her to use as a preface to a forthcoming third book in her series.  You can see this by clicking here: Reflections.pdf


Circe also has organized the "Museum of the American Military Family" which contains info and memorabilia from our way of growing up.  Go to http://www.museumoftheamericanmilitaryfamily.org/ (or shortcut: www.goo.gl/kccdt) and click on "VIRTUAL COLLECTIONS".  Then click on "HOME AND ABROAD", "U OF MD MUNICH", and/or "BRAT LIFE" to see pictures which may bring back many memories.


The Spring 2010 edition of The Achiever, published by the University of Maryland Alumni Association, contained a great article about the Munich Campus including the history of the campus and several pictures.  It was previously available on line, but apparently has been deleted.  You can see a copy of it by clicking here: 2010_SPRING_ACHIEVER.pdf  The article starts on page 14 of the magazine, which is page 9 in the .pdf file.

In Memorium


Dr. Jim Whalen passed away on September 6, 2001.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  Click HERE for a note I sent to those whose addresses I had at the time as well as a more recent update.


Bruce "Buzz" Meiser passed away on January 13, 2011 at Georgetown University Hospital where he had been undergoing treatments for pancreatic cancer.  The cancer had been diagnosed several weeks earlier and he had been in quite a bit of pain before and during his treatments, so in some ways, his passing was a release.  All of Bruce and Linda's children and gradchildren had been together at their "Eagles Nest" home at Christmas time, which Linda described as a great blessing.


Bob Hill passed away June 9, 2013.  Click HERE for more.


Alumni Directory


The most comprehensive list of email addresses I have seen is on Woody's site which, again, is: www.munichcampus.org.  The list below is taken largely from that site for those who were in Munich during the '58 - '60 time period.  I have followed the convention of sorting by current name so you may have to look a little for maiden names as we knew them in Munich.  I have added a few names and phone numbers that I am aware of.  A strikethrough indicates a disconnected phone or an invalid email address.  If anyone has more information on these or on any other classmates, please let me know and I will add them to the list.  Where a state is shown, I usually have a street and city address.  Contact me if you need it.


Several classmates have registered on the www.classmates.com website.  There are two levels of service there: Free and Fee.  The Fee is the so called "Gold" membership and costs $3.00 per month billed as $36.00 per year.  Email addresses are not posted, but emails from Gold members will be forwarded to anyone listed.  I am a Gold Member and could forward email for you to anyone on the list if you would like.  That way, you can make an initial contact without having to join Classmates for a full year.



Phone Name (Maiden name underlined) State E-mail Remarks/Notes
  Ashmore, Pat   johnm41870@aol.com  
Bailey, Marion Lane CA marianbailey99@gmail.com  
603-253-7877 Borella, Bary T. NH Btbor@aol.com  
  Bottom, Norman R.   normanr@herald.infi.net  
Brent, Frances "Fran" Patterson   franbrent@yahoo.com  
  Broga, Kenneth M. (Mike)   mbroga@halcomm.com  
Brossy, Anne Elizabeth Ward   abrossy@webtv.net  
802-878-5675 Cabrera, Mary Steele VT mcabrera9@comcast.net  
  Christie, Jr., Robert H.   OSICONSUL@AOL.COM  
Clagett, Charles Thomas "CT"   captct@hotmail.com  
973-992-8519 Cohen, Jeff NJ qponman@gsvalpak.com  
Comer, Dorothy "Dori" Davidson      
501-663-1477 Conner, Patsy Jane AR connerpatsy@yahoo.com  
361-442-4991 Do
Crockett, Davy (Deceased) & Donna Cellini TX fidia58@stx.rr.com,
360-961-3730 Davis, Mary Kay Fitch HI melia202@hawaii.rr.com  
850-916-1093  Davis, Sandra L Lockney FL charliesandradavis@gmail.com  
Davis, Tom Edward   coruscan@sbcglobal.net  
   Day, Nancy (Kay)   TerryD919@aol.com  
970-923-2287 DeCarlo, Guy CO guydecarlo@gmail.com  
703-567-9676 Demaine, Toni Herbes VA    
  DuFresne, Jon C.   jjdufresne1@comcast.net  
Emore, Susan Elizabeth Bush   susan.emore@gmail.com  
Engelhardt, Larry Ronald   AKFSDakota@gmail.com ldeangelo09@gmail.com  
Estenson, M. Patrick   mpestenson@gmail.com mpesten@centurytel.net  
503-842-5150 Fink, Evelyn Crawlfield OR emf@oregoncoast.com evelyn_fink@hotmail.com  
805-252-7062 Fisher, Carmen Meacham CA carmen@thevine.net, carmen.fisher@sbcglobal.net  
  FitzSimons, Deirdre "Dee" Mulready   d.m.fitzsimons@att.net d.m.fitzsimons@comcast.net  
240-595-0509 Free, Kendall   freek@starpower.net Click HERE for more.
  Galyon, Nancy Jo   nancy_jo_mcintosh@yahoo.com  
520-299-4664 Gary, Myrna AZ myrnagary@aol.com  
 936-564-1453 Gaylord, Heinz   hgaylord@sfasu.edu  
Goodman, Joel D.   drachenbushi@msn.com  
Harvey, Dodd   kingfish20815@yahoo.com  
301-682-9433 Hefley, Bill & Peggy Kitterman MD hefleybp@msn.com    
202-363-2583 Heriott, Jud DC judh16@yahoo.com  
Hill, Bob (passed away June 2013) CO    
Hill, Joyce Katherine   jkhill67@aol.com  
Huston, Joe P.   jph@uni-duesseldorf.de  
  Isenstead, Elizabeth NY audy07@verizon.net Audy@worldnet.att.net  
  Jameson, Dick   dj436@cox.com  dj436@cox.net  
Ker, Keith Reeves   krker@usa.net  
910-864-0574 Kiker, William L (Bill) NC propiinc@aol.com  
  Kowalski, Karl   Karldaf@aol.com  
  Kozak, Igor G.   ihar@earthlink.net  
Kozlow, Carolyn Shipley (deceased)      
  Kraft, Nick J   Planesales@aol.com  
  League, Michael (Mike)   grankay@aol.com  
Liles, Mary Lou Metzger   liles@frontier.net  
Logan, Judy Grote TX judy.logan@att.net  
  Loomis, Jean Menzie   jean.loomis@transamerica.com  
McIntosh, Nancy Jo Galyon   caltosh@yahoo.com nancy_jo_mcintosh@yahoo.com  
302-239-2310 McCabe, William O. (Bill) DE billandgeri@comcast.net  
McNeal, Brenda Endfinger   endfinger@comcast.net  
Mead, Ruth-Ann Porter   portermead@sbcglobal.net  
 703-978-6756 Meder, Pat Chapman VA pcmeder@cox.net  
  Meisel, Valerie Hardesty   vhmjmt@aol.com  
540-364-3486 Meiser, Buzz (deceased) & Linda Holsclaw VA lmeiser@hughes.net  
  Merry, Judy "Pepsi" Miller   judymerry@aol.com   
Metzger, Diana McCullough & Jim   dmetzgermd@gmail.com  
  Milby, Mary Simpson   marym1@cox.net  
  Miller, Charlene   vcm626@aol.com  
269-945-5221 Miller, Wellington (Bill) & Laurie Prokop MI billlaurie27@gmail.com   
717-872-1844 Mullins, Douglas R (Moon) PA drmullins1@comcast.net  
  Ohlwein, Ingrid "Inky" Schade Ger inky-ohlwein@hotmail.de  
206-323-3754 Onault, Erin Shearer Oliver WA erinoneault@joimail.com  
O'Neil, Barry   oneilrb@gmail.com  
  Park, George Aus. george.park@chello.at gtpark5862@gmail.com    
509-526-4921 Park, Gerie WA  - pending -  
  Parks, William Frederick (Fred)   fred_parks@juno.com  
972-399-7124 Pechuls, Brett TX anneandbrett@att.net  
Pells, Russell "Russ"   rpells@rkp-allp.com  
  Plowman, Ann Birdsong   fplowman@ec.rr.com  
Poinier, Lee   leepoinier@cox.net  
801-768-2608 Price, Kent UT khprice@aol.com   
  Pringle, Gary   gdpringle@sbcglobal.net  
  Reed, Jack CA jackreed@woodenfaces.com  
401-270-2799 Raines, Karen Fitch RI jimraines@cox.net ?? karenranes@gmail.com  ??  
Ramirez, Miriam J "MJ"   mjean1@gmail.com  
Reed, Jack   jackreed@woodenfaces.com  
  Ridgell, Pris Tuma SC c/o   khprice@aol.com   
Schmidt, Annie Chadwick   gandas@centurylink.net  
  Schnackenberg, Bill   brewguy@morrisbb.net  
773-935-2453 Smith, Vern IL verny2454@gmail.com New email as of 8/17/17
  Spieler, Richard   spieler@nova.edu  
  Stephenson II, Robert Louis   rstephen2@hotmail.com  
772-229-7609 Stewart, Carol Carswell FL ccstewart@att.net          ecstewart@adelphia.net  
  Ulveling, Daphne   dulveling@cox.net  
  Whalen, Dr. Gillian (faculty) MA cm0822@aol.com  
  Wilkins, Howard   hfwii@msn.com  
Williams, Anne Elizabeth Reynolds   arwilliams@bellsouth.net  
Wolfe, Christina Demaitre   wolfebas@aol.com  


Again, if you would like to have your information posted here, or if it is posted and you would prefer to have it removed, please let me know.



Note: For those who remember me and have any interest in what I have been doing since Munich, you are invited to my web site at: www.kprice.com .  You can then click on "Kent - the early years" and/or "Click Here for Contact Information."  Please drop me an email and let me know what is happening in your life. - Cheers, Kent Price


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