Christmas 2002


From Kent & Keena Price



Dear Friends and Family,


The short version:  New home, new job, 2 new grandchildren, some travel and pretty good health.


The long version: Well, we’re finally in a home of our own after being in an apartment for a year and a half.  In June we bought a home in Eagle Mountain, Utah (about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City).  We have five acres out in the sage brush - with a big gulley in the back, a view of mountains in all directions, and yes, a landing strip for Kent’s new powered parachute.  It’s so nice to have our old, familiar furniture and to have space for family gatherings.  We have 3 of our children here in Utah and the other 2 in Oregon.  We also have 7 siblings and our mothers here, so we’re really enjoying ourselves to the hilt.


Being here in Utah, we’ve been able to babysit, go to Kamber and Kerrie’s concerts, have birthday celebrations and extended family gatherings.  It’s been fun to have the Oregon families here from time to time and to take the motorhome to places like Lake Powell, the Uintah Mountains, Utah’s “Dixie” and the Valley of the Goblins.  The two of us have been able to duck off to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Kent’s Kaiserslautern (Germany) High School reunion held in New Orleans.  That was our first visit to Cajun Land and we really enjoyed it.  Our best trip of the year was loading all of our Utah posterity in the motor home and driving to Portland to spend Thanksgiving with Kristina and Krey and their families.  We were able to see our two twin granddaughters baptized and participate in the blessing of the newest grandchild. 


Keena: For me, the best part of our Utah experience is being able to take care of grandchildren.  I’ve been known to call up and say, “Don’t you need to go some place today so I can babysit?”  I still work at the Draper Care Center a few days a week and really enjoy the nursing duties there.  In church, Kent and I were just called to be the Stake Welfare Specialists.  I’m also having fun being at “home-on-the-range.”  I started riding horses with some of the neighbor ladies and appreciate the friendly people here (even if the horse threw me off last week).  For my birthday, our kids surprised me with 3 live chickens (Lulu, Matilda and Henrietta), and Kent made me a chicken hutch.  In October, Kristina came down from Portland for a few days so she, Kami, Kerrie and I were able to do a lot of “girly” things together – what fun


Kent:  Last April, Liquitek Enterprises, for whom I had been working since we moved to Utah, ran out of funding and had to divest itself of all its subsidiaries – including the two that I had been in charge of.  But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens.  For several years, I have been working part time on the GearMaster, a new instrument for the trucking industry.  The last major development phase was just being completed and so ever since Liquitek folded, I have been devoting full time to bringing the GearMaster to market.  It has been fun, exciting and a little bit frightening.  We just received an order from the country’s largest trucking fleet and we have been selling a lot of units to truck driving schools around the country – so it is starting to catch on.  If you are interested, check out the website at for more info.  Besides serving in the church as Stake Welfare Specialist with Keena, I enjoy teaching the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class.  I’ve also kept up all my flying ratings over the years and have been doing some ultralight instruction in powered parachutes.   See our website (below) for more pictures and explanation.


So, once again, it has been a good year for the Prices.   Except for a few signs of encroaching age, we feel healthy, happy and very blessed.  We treasure our relationships with friends and family and hope to keep up with you over the years.  Please give us a call, drop us a line, or come for a visit. 

We send, as always, our love and best wishes.

Kent and Keena Price


Kent and Keena Price,  2344 Valley Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT  84043

Tel:  801-768-2608,    Cell:  801-554-0015,   Fax:  801-768-2607

Email:,     web:   





Karl and Kristina Shurts

(Ben - 10, Michaela - 8, Kiana - 8, Dallin - 6, Kandra - 3 1/2)

1915 SE 70th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR  97123

Tel: 503-848-0805


The Shurts Family is getting ready to realize their dream of living in the country (Germany style).  They are hoping to start building their farm house next March with Nina’s original design.  Karl is still working at Intel and Nina is still involved with her campaign to keep “adult” businesses out of their neighborhood (see  It was fun to have their family come to Utah and for “Opa” (Kent) to take everyone (except Kandra) up in the powerchute.  They made a stop at Yellowstone on the way home and are looking forward to Christmas in Oregon.












Krey and Lindy Price

(Jaedin - 4, Cambren - 2 ½, Addisen - 3 months)

2419 Lewellyn, Troutdale, OR  97060

Tel:  503-661-1013



Krey and Lindy were thrilled to welcome their first daughter, Addisen Kaelie Marta Price into the world on September 4th.  Jaedin and Cam are such loving brothers.  Hi-tech Krey has given each of the kids their own internet domain!  Look up,, or Krey is getting more into project management at Tetra Tech Engineering now that he is in Portland.  He just wishes he could have more time for “field” work.  Lindy amazes us all with her decorating  skills. And we’re happy that Jaedin’s infection seems to be under control so he won’t need any more surgeries.  His life is a true miracle and he’s such a sweet, sensitive child.
















Jared and Kamber Turner (David Kimball - 4 months)

2237 North 1000 West

Provo, UT  84604

Tel:  801-377-6324

Kamber and Jared are in seventh heaven with the birth of their first child, David Kimball Turner, on August 6th.   He was 31/2 weeks early and we had a few panicy moments at first, but he overcame everything and is thriving.  Jared is in construction management at BYU and we were able to use his expertise as we built a large office out of two bedrooms in our new home.  Kami is still playing French Horn in the Orchestra on Temple Square and has a lot of  Christmas concerts this year (and guess who gets to babysit - J ).  Kamber had to give up her job at the BYU library when David was born, but she still teaches horn privately and at a local school.













Neal and Kerrie Davis  (Kenton - 3, Merrill - 1)

1402 University Village

Salt Lake City, UT  84108

Tel:  801-582-3764


We can’t believe that Neal is almost finished with medical school at University of Utah!  He and Kerrie are looking at places for his residency which starts next year.  This may mean that they’ll be far away again.  Kerrie had a dream come true when she was accepted into the Orchestra on Temple Square playing Oboe and English Horn.  She is so happy that she and Kamber get to play in concerts together.  In September, Kerrie joined Kevin in running the “Top of Utah” marathon. Most of all, Neal and Kerrie enjoy their cute boys – Kenton with his amazing vocabulary and Merrill with his winning smile and charm.
















Kevin Price

1993 North 700 West

Provo, UT  84604

Tel:  801-375-5967


Kevin is at BYU majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  He spent the summer in Oregon living part of the time with Kristina and part of the time with Krey.  He had a great job doing excavating and driving earth moving equipment.  He just finished his final marching band season as section leader for the trombones.  He plans to tour China with the BYU Wind symphony in the Spring.  So he has a lot going on with a tough major and trying to keep up his music.  Of course, he joined an acapella singing group so life wouldn’t be too boring.  Keena is still trying to figure out whether it was a good idea for Kent to let Kevin fly solo in the powerchute.