Christmas 2002


Kent & Keena of the price



Love of friends and family,


The short version :   New heads -, new job, 2 new enkelkinder, any clearance and pretty good health.


The long version : Well we?re finally in a house of ours after its in a dwelling for one year and one half.   In June we bought a house in the eagle mountain, Utah (approximately 30 miles the south of Salt Lake town center).   We have five mornings out in the legend brush - with a large gulley in the back, an opinion of the mountains in all directions and, a Landungstreifen for Kent?s new propelled parachute.   It?s so nicely, our old, to have and area for family meetings have familiar furniture.   We have 3 of our children here in Utah and in the other 2 in Oregon.   We really amused ourselves also 7 brothers and sisters and our mothers here, so the we?re, to hilt.


Being here in Utah, which we?ve, which become babysit in the situation ge$$$WESEN, go you to Kamber and Kerrie?s of concerts, to have to birthday celebrations and expanded family meetings.   Been It?s the fun to the credit the Oregon families occasionally and motorhome to the places to take here lake Powell, the Uintah of mountains, Utah?s?Dixie like? and lower the Goblins.   The two of us are to the duck away to San Diego, too read Vegas and to the Kent?s Kaiserslautern (Germany) High School reunification, those in new Orleans are held able ge$$$WESEN.   That was our first attendance to the Cajun country and we really enjoyed it.   Our best journey of the yearly loaded the whole our Utah Posterity in the movement motion and drove to haven country, in order to spend Thanksgiving with Kristina and Krey and their families.   We goods in the situation to see our two baptized Doppelgranddaughters and participate in the Blessing of the newest enkelkindes.  


Keena : For the best part of our Utah is experience in the situation, in order to care enkelkindern.   I?ve admits to call and too sagen?Don?t, you today go over must any place, therefore I can babysit??   I still work in the Draper Obacht center some days week and enjoy really the tasks of only singing there.   In the church Kent and I were designated straight, in order to be the bar welfare of specialists.   I?m, which has also fun, an?home on the rank. to be?   I began Ridingpferde with some the neighbour ladies and estimate the friendly people here (even if the horse threw me away from the last week).   For my birthday our kids surprised me that with 3 living chickens (Lulu, Matilda and Henrietta) and Kent chicken educated me a Hutch.   In October Kristina came down from haven country for some days, was it, Kami, Kerrie and I in the situation to do a Menge?girly? Things together? which fun


Kent :   Last April, Liquitek enterprise, for whom I, since we moved after Utah, had ran out out of the financing and everything of its subsidiaries had to rob itself worked? including the two that I had been responsible for.   But, like them, if a door closes, others open say.   For some years I worked part-temporally on the GearMaster, a new instrument for truck transport industry.   The last main development phase was, those straight was accomplished and Liquitek folded in such a way, since then, I all day to getting the GearMaster, over to marked out dedicated themselves.   It was that excited and a little frightening fun and.   We received a straight order from country?s the largest exchange-quick and we a quantity of units sold to exchange a driving of the schools around the country? thus it begins to get caught on.   If you are interested, examine from that website on for more info..   Except serving in the church as bar welfare, I enjoy specialist with Keena, informing the Gospel teaching Sunday school category.   I?ve also held up all my fly evaluations over the years and has something ultralight for instruction in propelled parachutes done.     See our website (down) for more illustrations and explanation.


So again it was a good year for the prices.    Except some indications of the decisive, believe we age healthy gesegnet, lucky and very much.   We guard our conditions to the friends and to the family and hope to hold with you over the years above.   If you call us please, leave to us a line, fall or you come for an attendance.  

We send, as always, our love and best desires.

Kent and Keena price


Kent and Keena price,   2344 lowering drive, eagle mountain, UT   84043

Telephone:   801-768-2608,     cell:   801-554-0015,    fax:   801-768-2607

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Karl and Kristina Shurts

(Ben - 10, Michaela - 8, Kiana - 8, Dallin - 6, Kandra - 3 1/2)

SE 70 Th avenue 1915, Hillsboro OR   97123

Telephone: 503-848-0805


The Shurts family will finished to carry out their dream of the life in the country (Germany kind).   They hope it to establish farm house the following March with Nina?s to original Design to begin.   Karl works still on INTEL and Nina still into its campaign is referred to keep um?adult? Business from their neighbourhood (you see www.siege   It was the fun to leaving their family to Utah and fuer?Opa to come? (Kent) to everyone (excluded Kandra) above in powerchute take.   They formed a notice with Yellowstone on the way head and look forward to Christmas in Oregon.












Krey and Lindy price

(Jaedin - 4, Cambren - 2, Addisen - 3 months)

2419 Lewellyn, Troutdale OR   97060

Telephone:   503-661-1013



Krey and Lindy thrilled, around its first daughter, Addisen Kaelie Marta price to welcome into the world on September 4 Th .   Jaedin and cams are such loving brothers.   hello rear tech Krey gave its own InterNet area to everyone of the kids!   Look above , or . Krey receives more in project management at the Tetra Tech technology, now he is there in haven country.   It wishes straight it could more time fuer?field have? Work.   Lindy surprises us all with it abilities   verzierend. And we?re that Jaedin?s infection seems, under control thus it to be lucky necessity operations does not won?t.   Its life is an applicable miracle and he?s such a sweet, sensitive child.
















Jared and Kamber Turner (David Kimball - 4 months)

2237 Nord1000 west

Provo, UT   84604

Telephone:   801-377-6324

Kamber and Jared are in 7. Sky with the birth of her first child, David Kimball Turner, on August 6 Th .    It was 31/2 weeks early and we had some panicy moments at first, but it overcame everything and progresses.   Jared is in the structure management at BYU and was in the situation to use its expertise since we established a large office from two bedrooms in our new house.   Kami still plays French horn in the orchestra on handle square and has a quantity   of Weihnachtskonzerte this year (and assumption, which keeps - J babysit).   Kamber had to above give their job at the BYU library, when David was carried, but it informs still horn privately and at a local school.













Neal and Kerrie Davis   (Kenton - 3, Merrill - 1)

University village 1402

Salt Lake town center, UT   84108

Telephone:   801-582-3764


We can?t believe that Neal nearly medical school at the university is terminated by Utah!   It and Kerrie regard places after its Residency, which begins the following year.   This can mean this they?ll is far away again.   Kerrie let a dream come applicable, when she was accepted into the orchestra on handle square playing thing oboe and English horn.   It is so lucky that they and Kamber receive to play in the concerts together.   In September connected Kerrie Kevin, if it let run das?Top from Utah? marathon. Very most Neal and Kerrie enjoy their nice boys? Kenton with its amazing vocabulary and Merrill with his attractive smile and charm.
















Kevin price

1993 Nord700 west

Provo, UT   84604

Telephone:   801-375-5967


Kevin is at BYU, which is in the mechanical engineering nature majoring.   He spent the summer Oregon in living part of the time with Kristina and in the part of the time with Krey.   It had a large job to do the excavation and a driving mass of the mobile equipment.   It terminated straight its locking marching volume season as a section leader for those trombones.   It plans to bereisen China with the BYU wind Symphonie in the Fruejahr.   Thus it has a trying with a durable head to continue much and to hold up its music.   Of course connected it acapella for group of singing in such a way a life wouldn?t bores also.   Keena tries still to represent out whether it left a good idea for Kent to Kevin fly solo one in powerchute was.