Woodward Years

Welcome to the BYU A Cappella Choir section of the Kent Price Family Web Site. 

During my last two years at Brigham Young University (1965-1967),I had the opportunity to sing in the A Cappella Choir and count it as one of my most treasured experiences. In an effort to foster memories and contacts among alumni, I have tried to identify members of the choir in the pictures linked below.  Three of the pictures are from the 1965, 1966, and 1967 Banyan yearbooks respectively.  The fourth picture (with better quality than the Banyan copies) was taken in the Spring of 1967 by BYU Public Relations in preparation for what was supposed to be the choir's first European Tour.  Unfortunately the tour had to be cancelled at the last minute (see below) so the picture was never published but it is a better quality than those copied from the Banyan.

Each link below takes you to a page with a picture and as many identifications as I have been able to gather.  Each page has a further link to a larger .jpg version of the picture for zooming, panning and/or downloading.  I can also make paper copies of any of these pictures (up to 11 X 17) for anyone who would like them. Just let me know and I can mail or give them to you.

As you recognize people in the pictures who are not already identified or if you have corrections, please let me know by email, mail or phone. Be sure to include the picture number, the row number and the position (from left to right) in the row. I will post the names to the pictures as I get them.  Also, if members from other years have pictures you would like to have included on this site, please let me know.

You can:
     - email me   
     - write me at: 2344 E Valley Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT  84005
     - phone me at: 801-554-0015

Here are the links:
          1964-65 Choir (from the Banyan)
          1965-66 Choir (from the Banyan)
          1966-67 Choir (from the Banyan)
          1966-67 Choir (PR picture of the '67 choir)

Thanks for any help you can give us in identifying choir members. and cheers to all,
Kent Price (65-66 & 66-67)


P.S. - One of the most disappointing and yet most spiritual experiences of the '67 choir was the postponing of what was to have been the choir's first European Tour. Several of you have commented on the letters I posted to the chat line which I dug out of my files from that year. Click here [Tour Letters] to see them. They may bring back some memories.

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